1983] OKOLI & MGBEOGU: FLUTED PUMPKIN 149 that the seeds of Citrullus colocynthis are used. To grow fluted pumpkin in your garden firstly clear the area in which you intend to grow the vegetable, till the soil, this helps to encourage root penetration and proper germination of the seeds. How can I get the seed and the fresh fluted pumkin leaves here in the US? One benefit of selecting raw pumpkin seeds over roasted seeds is vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin. What Is Ugwu Vegetable Farming? I do! Pumpkins should be rotated one time in a while for keeping them symmetrical, yet try to move the plants a little bit at any time to escape from breaking your brittle vines. cool and calm. … Thanks, I leave in minna. Ethanol treatment during the preparation of the protein Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Its roots and leaves are invented as main ingredients for making Nigerian soup whose name is “Edikang Ikong.” But, its fruit is inedible. You may unfamiliar with this plant, but it had been widely cultivated in Ghana, Cameroon, and Sierra Leona. It was an entertaining radio program that played the music people wanted to hear Fluted pumpkin farming is an exponentially growing industry in Nigeria. The large, dark-red seed is rich in fat and protein, and can be eaten whole, ground into powder for another kind of soup, or made into a fermented porridge. Fluted pumpkin seeds have been reported to be rich in proteins [14]. thanks 4 d info on pumpkin.pls how can i be sure that my plant will produce fruits?because u talked about male. so pls i need more explanations .thanks for ur gud work. The seeds contain oil (fats), and other vital minerals and Thanks. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of unsaturated fats, including alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Furthermore, it is also created as some sweets such as Pumpkin Pie, Cupcake Cones, Lava Cakes, Chicken Sliders, Cupcake Toppers, Bento Love, Black Bean, Churro Cupcakes, Pumpkin Roll, Cooked Pumpkin and so on. The seed can be found in the gourd and is edible, as it can be used as snacks by roasting or boiling it. thanks for sharing ,please i need some information on pumpkin for my project work information on,biological characteristics, general soil characteristics, growth habit and phenology of pumpkins,plise do send to my mail box all necessary information thaxs. The seed count in the fluted gourd can be up to 196 and above per gourd, typically 3.4 to 4.9cm in length for both pistillate and staminate varieties. Although the chemical composition of the fermented and unfermented seeds is known … Can any one please give me the seed? After planting the seeds Water the soil, this should be done every two days, morning and evening. If your planting season is warm and long, spread the seeds right away within the garden while the soil heat has reached for 65 degree F. Secondly, select a plot where gets full sunlight and … 0 0. The seeds are viviparous (germinating in the fruit) and due to the recalcitrant nature … The oil content of the cotyledons is high and upon extraction may be used as cooking oil. Caution: In Nigeria this vegetable is called just "Pumpkin". If your planting season is warm and long, spread the seeds right away within the garden while the soil heat has reached for 65 degree F. Secondly, select a plot where gets full sunlight and contains the soil under PH 6.5 to 7. The seed can be found in the gourd and is edible. Buy. I have eaten it many times. The phenolics and amino acid contents of fluted pumpkin seed were determined using HPLC‐DAD and GC‐PFPD analyses respectively. Fluted pumpkin seeds have been reported to be rich in proteins [14]. 25 answers. African countries, known as Ugu in South Eastern Nigeria with botanical name Telfairia Fluted Pumpkin is reputed to have blood-purifying properties and it has been used as a tonic for the young and old alike. to grow for a perio d of three months (from August to . Thank you so much I relly appriciate this. Telfairia occidentalis will climb up to 40 ft. Telforia Occidentalis is a drought-tolerant, dioecious perennial crop that is indigenous to Southern part of Nigeria and it does belong to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Care must be taken not to trample on the fluted pumpkin plant during weeding. October). A pumpkin seed, also known in North America as a pepita (from the Mexican Spanish: pepita de calabaza, "little seed of squash"), is the edible seed of a pumpkin or certain other cultivars of squash.The seeds are typically flat and asymmetrically oval, have a white outer husk, and are light green in color after the husk is removed.Some cultivars are huskless, and are grown only for their edible seed. Fluted pumpkin seeds ( Telfairia occidentalis Hook ) were dehulled and washed. Please i stay in a country where there is winter, i like to plant Ugu, but does grow well, can you help me with some suggestions or solutions. We recommend trying out pumpkin seed for BPH. Sixthly, use seaweed extract or compost tea to sow on the plants every three weeks. phosphorus, protein, riboflavin, thiamine, manganese niacin, folate, magnesium, Some seeds are available for a short time only. Moreover, vitamin A is a powerful vitamin for protecting … The pumpkins require enough light, very fertile soil which drains best. The seeds are beneficial as well and contain oil (fats), and other vital minerals and nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fiber and more. You can grow fluted pumpkin in containers. depending on the kind of soil and your location, raising beds is very useful in As a result, to know how to grow Fluted pumpkin well, try to read the above details studiously from the first to the seventh step. It doesnt give the plants enough breeding and growing seasons to produce the pumpkin seeds “gourd”. Telfairia occidentalis is a tropical vine grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. I’ll appreciate your reply. Seventhly, put boards beneath large pumpkins to conserve them out of rotting. This plant has unique characteristics as it has greenish leafy vegetables and … Caring for the pumpkins when they’re in the ground can be a time-intensive process, but as long as you set a routine, there will be big orange gourds in your garden … If not, begin seeds indoors approximately 25 days prior to the final expected frost. There … T. occidentalis is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae and is indigenous to southern Nigeria. An example is caterpillar. Vitamin E helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy -- it dilates your blood vessels to help lower blood pressure, and thins your blood to reduce your risk of harmful spontaneous blood clot formation. How? The storage diseases of fluted pumpkin, (diseases that affect the seeds during storage) are Rhizopus stolonifer, Aspergillus niger, Botryodiplodia theobromae and Erwinia spp. Fluted Pumpkin as food Break open the coat covering the seed. I have planted them, wish me luck. Its common local names include Ugwu and Ikong-Ubong and it is a member of the family Cucurbitaceae, indigenous to southern Nigeria. The flowers are white with a dark purple centre. Scientific Name(s): Cucurbita pepo L. Common Name(s): Acorn squash, Butternut squash, Chilacayote, Field pumpkin, Fig-leaf gourd, Pepo, Pumpkin, Squash, Yellow summer squash, Zucchini Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Telfairia occidentalis will climb up to 40 ft. Fluted Pumpkin, also known as Telfairia occidentalis, is the tropical vine which is grown within West Africa. The seeds are sometimes fermented to produce â ogiriâ , which is used as a condiment to flavour soups, or can be consumed when mixed with other ingredients in salads. Please can you help me with some seeds, i need to plant this summer season. Fluted Pumpkin as food Please clarify, Thanks again. Fluted pumpkin flowers grow in sets of five showing a creamy-white and dark red petal unlike the light green colour of the young fruit and yellow colour when ripe. After 10 days, place a stick of 1m (3ft) – 2m (6ft) heights close to the fluted pumpkin seed. I need where I can get the seeds in Lagos Nigeria, and more tips on how to grow Fluted Pumpkin for successful and goos leaf production. It is widely grown in many nations of West Africa, but is mainly cultivated in Nigeria, for its highly nutritious leaves which is used primarily in soups and herbal medicines. Pumpkin. The nutritive value of the pumpkin seed products was evaluated. Fluted pumpkin Business 14.Get the Fluted Pumpkin Seeds.