OBTAIN A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA WITH NECESSARY COURSEWORK. When applying for this job, it is important to consider these skills, as well as any others you feel would be necessary to succeed. National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory, Jobs in the medical field and particularly as a lab technician, A Fresh Start in 2020: The Top New Year’s Resolutions for the Coming Decade and How Vista College Can Help You Keep Them, A New Approach to Online Education: How Vista College Is Changing the Game for Their Online Students, Vista College Online Campus Offering Two New Programs In Response To Growing Demand, Vista College Annouces It Will Accept Students From The Recently Closed Brightwood And Virginia Colleges, Proper use of the computerized software and advanced lab equipment, Thorough follow-through on all scientific procedures, Specific and detailed record-keeping practices, Data collection and analysis practices for successfully determining test results, Safety, health, and sterilization practices of medical lab settings, Medical terminology required to work with other medical professionals, Professional expectations including respecting patient privacy. Courses in information technology and computers are assets as well. Medical Lab Technician Career Ladder; Related Laboratory and Diagnostic Careers; Clinical laboratory technicians and technologists are entry level scientists. Medical Lab Technician training is the way to go. You’ll likely have plenty of burning questions. They may seem basic, but some of the more fundamental skills required for this role include: Lab technician jobs are usually found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, specialized clinics, and medical labs. To become a medical laboratory technician you usually have to complete a VET qualification. Here are some Medical Lab Technician jobs in the United States. In an increasingly computerised industry, a medical lab technologist should be capable of using computers and digital equipment and comfortable with understanding new technologies. Consistency, dependability, and organizational skills are vital elements to being a successful lab tech. The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and the American Association of Bioanalysts (ABB) are two other organizations that issue certifications. If you’re always trying to get to the bottom of things, becoming a Lab Technician could be the perfect career move for you. How to Become a Medical Technologist Step 1 Obtain a Bachelors Degree. College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario website. The role of a lab technician requires positive and supportive cooperation with other medical professionals, such as physicians, to ensure full and complete patient care. Many healthcare professional choose to pursue their certification through AMT as a way to advance their career and continue sharpening their skills and knowledge. There are several specializations and certifications you can complete after gaining work experience. Learn more and find out the fastest growing jobs for military... Read More. This is the minimum requirement to become a certified Medical Lab Technician and work in a professional lab setting. Often during the education program, employment is secured through the externships or practical work experience. Aseptic Technique, Blood Samples, Clinical Laboratory Testing, Laboratory Equipment Operation, Laboratory Practice Quality Assurance (LPQA), Laboratory Results Reporting, Medical Laboratory Record Management, Microscopy. Achievements in English and communication will also be very helpful in the role of a lab technician who must regularly interact with other medical professionals. While the role is generally to provide the same level of lab support, there are specific duties that will range from one type of facility to the next. Retrieved January 3, 2020. The American Medical Technologists (AMT) is an organization that administers certification and professional memberships. Requires valid certification or eligibility for certification exam as Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) from ASCP or AMT. For example, a medical lab tech might look at tissue under a microscope to spot cancer cells or other abnormalities. Regardless of whether you decide to have a general or a specialized focus, some level of certification can be incredibly beneficial in adding value to your skills. A Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) does these tests by analyzing body fluids, tissues, blood typing, microorganism screening, chemical analyses, cell counts of human body etc. Additionally, you should decide which ones will provide the most opportunity for advancement. Prepares specimens for microscopic examination or testing procedures. It also includes a knowledge of medical software such as electronic medical record (EMR) software, test-routing software, test result delivery software and laboratory information system (LIS) software. Though it requires technical education and ongoing skills development, the right candidate will have a lifelong career in a field with growing demand. 5 Reasons to Become a Medical Lab Technician. While there are many skills acquired throughout the education program, some of the specific learning outcomes of the Medical Lab Technician program are: These skills are mandatory across all facilities and positions. To be a Medical Lab Technician typically requires 1-3 years of related experience, or may need 0 years of experience with additional specialized training and/or certification. Your career path as a Medical Lab Technician doesn’t necessarily end once you’ve been hired out of college. Diploma in Medical Lab technology; Certificate in Medical Lab technology; Bsc in Medical Lab technology; All the above mentioned courses can equip you with the skill and expertise to be a medical lab technician. In order to obtain certification as a medical lab technician through ASCP, an individual must first obtain an associate degree or complete at least 60 semester hours (including 6 hours of chemistry and 6 of biology) of academic credit from a college or university accredited by a recognized regional or national accreditation agency and: Prepares specimens for microscope examination. Being a Medical Lab Technician operates automated laboratory instrumentation and equipment. Because the medical lab technician career path isn’t discussed that often, it can be tricky to learn about. A focus on lab procedures, scientific data collections, record-keeping, and safety practices will also be part of the foundation of your education as a Medical Lab Technician. A 2-year clinical lab technician or medical lab technician associate's degree is the minimum level of education you need to become a lab technician. Medical lab technician interview question. This line of work allows you to work in the medical field without all the demands of many other jobs. Laboratory technicians support scientists and help carry out tests, research and investigations. Vista College staff are... Read More, The job market changes so quickly it can be hard to keep up. By continuing your education and employment training, it will begin to open up new opportunities to advance your career as a Medical Lab Technician and in the medical field in general. Full-time enrollment can help students complete the associate’s degree program in as little as 18 months. This type of professional environment gives students the confidence needed to enter the workforce. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills. For becoming a medical lab technician individuals must complete an associate degree or bachelors degree. You can also become a medical laboratory technician through a traineeship. At this point, you should assess which areas of the field you would most enjoy. Additionally, the role of a Medical Lab Technician specifically requires excellent record keeping. Become board certified as a Technical Supervisor in the specialties of andrology and embryology. The Medical Lab Technician works under moderate supervision. Requires an associate degree in laboratory technology, science or equivalent. Background education and experience in technology, software, and computer programs is a tremendous asset as this role requires the use of data analysis systems. Every role has basic skill requirements for success, from supporting level roles to management roles. This is the minimum requirement to become a medical technologist and will take you around four years to finish. Your medical lab technician education will help you round out your skills so you’re equipped to work in the medical lab. With so much diversity and impact, it’s easy to see why becoming a lab technician is a rewarding job for the right person. The job of a lab technician is best suited for those who are sympathetic, willing to help others, and thrive in fast-paced environments. Learn more about the role including real reviews and ratings from current Laboratory Technicians, common tasks and duties, how much Laboratory Technicians earn in your state, the skills current Employers are looking for and common education and career pathways.