A: Because the Ministry of Social Development and businesses work together to decide on a subsidy amount, the cost of Flexi-wage varies from case to case. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the Ministry of Social Development is performing an audit of the scheme. check your bank account for your employer’s account name with your salary deposits. Of the 897 voluntary reimbursement offers, 460 had so … You can no longer apply for the Wage Subsidy Extension. 7. If you have a complaint because you think your employer is breaching any of their minimum employment obligations to you, please contact Employment New Zealand - 0800 20 90 20 or by email at info@employment.govt.nz If, as an employer I am receiving the wage subsidy on behalf of an employee, do I have to pay GST on the subsidy and does the employee need to pay tax on the wage subsidy? If there are a lot of searches underway right now, you may need to try again soon. If you've talked to your employer and you can't resolve your problem or you think your employer has acted fraudulently with the subsidy, you can make a complaint with Employment New Zealand.Â, COVID-19: Woman says employer applied for wage subsidy after making her redundant, Ardern answers frequently asked employment and wage subsidy COVID-19 questions, Copyright © 2020 MediaWorks TV - All Rights Reserved, By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Access and Privacy Policy, make a complaint with Employment New Zealand. A Wage Subsidy Extension payment was available from 10 June to 1 September 2020 to support employers, including self-employed people, who were still significantly impacted by COVID-19. COVID-19 wage subsidies - employer search. There are some instances where a business needs to refund part or all of the subsidy. The Government’s Wage Subsidy Scheme supports employers and their staff to maintain an employment connection and ensure an income for affected employees, even if the employee is unable to actually work any hours. Covid 19 coronavirus: Kiwi ad agency Special Group paying back $200,000 wage subsidy. Will Work and Income New Zealand / Ministry of Social Development audit the claims? Leave payments for self-isolation as a result of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) are also available to self-employed workers who satisfy the eligibility criteria and are prevented from working. If people can't find their employer, their application might not have been processed yet or the company hasn't applied. This subsidy is for wages only. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has released a new tool where the public can search for companies that have received payments under the Government's COVID-19 wage subsidy scheme. 4. You can still apply for the Leave Support Scheme if you have staff who can’t work because of COVID-19. Was I included in my employer application? The Wage Subsidy Extension Scheme (WSE) expired on 1 September 2020. The wage subsidy extension will be available from 10 June 2020 until 1 September 2020 on application to the Ministry of Social Development as for the wage subsidy … The Ministry of Health provides the latest updates, information and advice on COVID-19 on their website. You can still apply for the Leave Support Scheme if you have staff who can’t work because of COVID-19. You can no longer apply for the Wage Subsidy. Previous publications have been archived and can be found below: COVID-19 reporting archive. Connected website Connected.govt.nz is an all-of-government website that allows employers, job seekers and people seeking information about training to find out more about what’s available and provides links to agency websites for more detailed information. White Cloud Limited is able to apply for the Wage Subsidy; it receives a Wage Subsidy of $70,296 for the 12-week period. Data file Income Support and Wage Subsidy Weekly Update - 20 November 2020 (Excel 169.45KB) Previous COVID-19 Releases. If you see that your employer has received the subsidy but you haven't received payment or don't think you've been paid enough, then MSD recommends talking to your boss. There is an online form people can complete to see if they were included in their employer's application, and MSD can then confirm if someone was listed as an 'affected employee'. The Wage Subsidy Sch… COVID-19 Wage Subsidy - Employee concerns What if I have a complaint about how my employer has paid me? an increased wage subsidy of up to $16,000 in the first year and up to $8,000 in the second year for each participant continued help with pre-employment training (up to $2,000) funding of up to $8,000 per year for each participant towards industry training course fees (where not covered under Fees Free or the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund scheme), with a maximum of $16,000 over 24 months Companies receiving COVID-19 wage subsidy Jeremy Roundill made this Official Information request to Ministry of Social Development Response to this request is long overdue. "As at 30 September, we have carried out 9917 random and targeted audits across the wage subsidy schemes," MSD client service support general manager George van Ooyen said. The Ministry of Social Development has requested more information from Porirua City Council about $2.6 million worth of Covid-19 wage subsidies it claimed. Before applying make sure the 8-week Wage Subsidy Extension isn't better suited for your business. Flexi-wage is a subsidy available to employers to help a new staff member develop the skills needed for the job. Businesses who refund all of the subsidy because they applied in error may be removed from the database. COVID-19 Wage Subsidy - What to do if you need to repay the subsidy ️ bit.ly/2yjV7N9 You need to repay some or all the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy if: ️ you no longer meet the criteria for the subsidy ️ you’re not meeting your obligation to use the subsidy to retain and pay your employees ️ you’ve received insurance (eg, business continuity insurance) for any costs covered by the subsidy Ask your employer if they listed your name on the application, as they can apply for the subsidy and extension for some or all of their employees. Once a refund is made, it may take 2-3 working days for payment information to be updated in the database. Credits: Video - Newshub; Image - Getty Images. "Publishing this information makes sure that payments under the scheme are transparent and that the scheme is accountable to the public," MSD says on their website. If you can’t find out from your employer whether you were included in their application, we can tell you if you were listed. you can make a complaint with Employment New Zealand. The Ministry of Social Development said as at April 17, of the 39 applicants asked to refund all or part of the subsidy, 22 had returned $149,000. Benefit Number Forecasts and Scenarios. Employers and sole traders could apply for the Wage Subsidy before 10 June 2020. Related video: The Ministry of Health's Monday COVID-19 update. Wage Subsidy Scheme: Complaints about employers - Employment New Zealand, the number of employees for whom payment has been made, their application hasn’t been processed yet. 5. The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy will be paid at a flat rate of: • $585.80 for people working 20 hours or more per week • $350.00 for people working less than 20 hours per week. Ministry of Social Development. By law Ministry of Social Development should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The self-employed upon application, may be eligible for a wage subsidy paid by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) if they have been affected by COVID-19. What it's about If you hire a Work and Income candidate and they need more skills for the role, you may be able to get a wage subsidy to support their training or mentoring.