Smith offer a complete range of cycling helmets for road and trails. 4.4 out of 5 stars 4. The fact that it could make aero claims was an added bonus. The Trace feels more airy all the time, but there’s less of a difference as you speed up. Smith Optics Session MIPS Men's MTB Cycling Helmet (Matte Mystic Green/Black, Medium) 4.5 out of 5 stars 5. The evolution of a Smith legend, this remastered MTB helmet does it all and does it with style. The biggest reason for that is weight. Check out 12” and 14” bikes for kids. SRAM Rival 1: The Groupset for the People, The Alé VELOCITY G+ Jersey; a cool choice for hot rides, WP-Backgrounds Lite by InoPlugs Web Design. Kids Pink Helmet (Size 48-52cm) £7.99 Ref:130362. If you are considering one of these helmets, the big question is likely going to be which one to get? The Smith Forefront 2 bike helmet is an evolution of the award-winning Forefront design. Having read everything I can about wavecell and the controversy, I’d weigh in that the truth is likely some place in the middle. … 10% . The Smith Optics Convoy MIPS helmet is a great-quality trail lid at a bargain price. Each of our kids’ bikes boasts a sturdy frame and high quality parts, while our selection of bike helmets helps to keep young cyclists safe. Smith's View . Even with that small critique noted, these are exceptionally comfortable helmets, and either one will end up being a good choice. The price, $250, is the same between the two helmets. I don’t think it’s terribly relatable to the real world, but if we do a bit of math, the difference is the Ignite exhibits 9% less drag while being 30 grams heavier. $64.95 $ 64. As its name implies, … 10% . That means the Ignite is meant to give up a bit of breathability and weight in pursuit of the ultimate aerodynamic advantage. MIPS is another third party technology. Surprise! The promise is better conversion of kinetic energy in an accident while increasing air flow and reducing overall weight. For over 50 years, Smith has pioneered advanced products to fuel fun beyond walls, creating innovations that amplify awesome, and crafting gear in outdoor adventure sports where every detail makes a difference. I find the fit to be slightly different between the two, with the Trace being a bit smaller. The Smith Forefront 2 is an excellent mountain bike helmet that I keep reaching for despite this one thing that really bugs me . Smith shows testing data for drag at 30mph. £ 130.00 Reg. The Venture features extended coverage on the back of the head for additional protection, internal air channels and 20 vents to keep riders cool, and … This feature-packed MTB lid delivers premium performance at an unbeatable price point. Looking for their first bike? I did take a look at one other helmet, from Kali protectives, but for the most part, the Smith Overtake has been so good, nothing else has made me feel like taking a look. Smith Optics Portal MIPS Helmet, Unisex Adult, Unisex adult 4.3 out of 5 stars 13. Ref:144681. Smith’s new budget lid punches well above its weight when it comes to performance on the trail. It looks a bit like a bunch of plastic straws and glued together. When it comes to these two helmets, that trend continues. If you ride with sunglasses they can be stored simply when on the move using channels in the front and rear of the shell. Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet. S ; L ; Streamlined racing bike helmet for performance-oriented rides. S ; Comfortable mountain bike helmet with MIPS liner and adjustable visor. Smith Convoy helmet The new Smith Convoy (RRP £64.99) is a classic bike helmet for the everyday rider. The hard plastic outer layer protects the eps foam and allows the helmet to skid, rather than catching and whipping your neck around. FREE Shipping by Amazon. 4.6 out of 5 stars 574. The Ignite is the aero helmet and the Trace is the climbers helmet. Reduced volume and dramatically improved styling are housed in our advanced helmet construction. Sleek style and performance in an ultra lightweight package. Six years and numerous awards later, we have turned the market upside down. Or, if you don’t mind gaining a bit of weight for increased aerodynamics, you can choose the aero frame. But right now, if you want the lightest option, you can choose a climbers frame. Smith Bike Helmets are designed to fuel experiences beyond walls through advanced technologies that are tuned with specific rider demands in mind. Purple Helmet (Size 50-52cm) £9.99 Ref:172816 . For five decades, Smith have tirelessly pioneered products through development and design that evolve their purpose into next generation applications. Smith integrate the unique Koroyd ventilated shell into their leading helmet designs. We have lightweight and comfortable helmets in a variety of styles and colours designed specifically for men, in smaller fits for women, and – to make sure they get into good habits early on – for children as well. from £ 135.00 Reg. Smith Optics Mainline MIPS Bike Helmets. Aside from the question of temperature management, there are other differences. It's clear where costs have been saved, but that doesn't impact on safety, styling, comfort or fit – it's a very savvy choice for pound-stretched riders. Kids Blue Helmet (Size 49-51cm) £7.99 Ref:187361. The Smith Portal helmet offers the extra crash protection of the Mips system, plus strong construction and a very tidy, stylish finish, but it's pretty heavy and a bit sweaty on the hottest days. £55.80 - £90.99. The flagship Forefront 2 MIPS model is one of the highest performing MTB helmets money can buy. I wasn’t the only one who seemed to take a liking to the Overtake either, it’s one of the most common helmets I see out on rides. 95. The way wavecell works sounds remarkably similar to Koroyd and MIPS, but Trek has made some rather bold claims about its effectiveness. When it’s hot, and you are climbing, helmets are hot. I’ve never ridden with a helmet where I felt any appreciable difference in those circumstances. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. There is definitely a different feeling to the delivery of the air. … MIPS allows the head to move inside the helmet which can reduce the harmful rotational motion otherwise transferred to the brain. Tomorrow's riders will wear Smith. 4.5 out of 5 stars 467. A collection of men's helmets for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and cycling high performance bicycle technology and technique. MIPS and Koroyd have both publicly disputed those claims. Smith Bike Helmets are designed to fuel experiences beyond walls through advanced technologies that are tuned with specific rider demands in mind. . The clean, modern design is combined with the superior protection and ventilation properties of Koroyd. Despite all the positives the Overtake had, four years is an eternity for cycling technology and a redesign was long overdue. The Overtake is Smith’s very first road helmet, bringing in Koroyd technology from its snowsports helmets via the mountain-bike Forefront all-mountain helmet that launched in 2013. A Smith bicycle helmet is one of the best helmets on the market and when you wear a Smith bike helmet, you will have an unmatched level of comfort. The main advantages of both Koroyd and Wavecell are likely not going to be any great gains in safety, but rather similar crash outcomes as EPS but with packaging and design advantages.