Moon base

Moon Base is a concept design project, in collaboration with architects Foster + Partners and The European Space Agency. The work proposes a prototype construction system, utilising 3D printed lunar regolith, to be used as building blocks for a new base located on the moon.  D-Shape sourced a vocanic ash, geologically similar to the loose regolith in abundance on the surface of the moon. Using this material, an open-cell lattice was printed, to present a light construction block as an encasement for an internal structure.

The design presents and opportunity for 3D printing within future space construction, materials may be sourced upon arrival, heavily reducing transportation requirements during space-travel. D-Shape custom binder has again proved extremely versatile, effectively consolidating a wide variety of natural compounds and aggregates for construction.

With thanks: Alta / Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna / Monolite UK