The D-Shape project was born in 2004 as a dream of beauty.

Imagine a urban landscape made of organic houses evolving harmonically one to the next one to create a stone symphony. The beauty of nature as:
the perception of an orderly growth process of a shape
the perception of an orderly demolition process of a shape
is the main driver of the project.


In the early 2000, when the Algorithmic Aided Design was born, D-Shape candidate itself as a tool for the architects to materialize the Beauty as
Following this phylosophy our engineers and architects have developed algorithmic tools to create the entire 3D-model of houses.

Starting from the architectural plans, sections and facades these tools develop the stl file to be sent to the 3D printer. The 3D model generated is fully engineered, the FEM analysis gives the right thickness to walls and slabs, the topology optimization of the foundations and of the beams and columns will create archinature elements, the form-finding process will give the building the best shape to resist against the main environmental conditions (earthquakes, hurricanes, sandstorms, etc…).