Villa Roccia and Gaudi Tribute

Villa Roccia and Gaudi Tribute

In 2009, a private client  asked a proposal for a Villa to be located in one of the most beautiful sites of Costa Smeralda in Sardinia.

The project is aimed to realize a ‘Nearly Zero Visual Impact Architecture’  mimicing the wind-milled shapes of the granite rocks.

The Arch. James Gardiner was trained by Marc Burry , project leader of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The original aim to print a Gaudi-like structure appeared to challenging to be printed in real, and a simpler solution was adopted.

A small portion of the 3D File of Villa Roccia was sliced vertically and partitioned in building blocks.  The building blocks were 3D Printed and temporary assembled.

The local autority didn’t give the permission to build and the project was  terminated.