D-shape® is a patented Particle-bed 3D-printing technique of conglomerate building blocks. It is a digital additive manufacturing technique which materialises three dimensional objects in layers of aggregates bound with cementitious binders. The 3D file of the block is sliced into layers of constant thickness (pitch); the layer is furtherly partitioned into a dot matrix to form a bitmap. A printhead driven by the PLC of the printer deposits selectively the binder only on the full areas of the object.
The printer operates four repetitive steps: (1) applying a layer of aggregates; (2) moving vertically the printing device according to the pitch (3)depositing the binder selectively according the bitmap (4) repeating the 1 to 3 operations for all the layers into which the 3d object has been partitioned in a bottom-up process.
Finally the un-bound aggregates are removed and the block is unveiled.



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