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Des coraux imprimés en 3D

March 23rd 2015


Audi Stories of Greatness: Enrico Dini challenges the limits of 3D printing

January 12 2015


Demand Solutions Speakers

November 2014


3D-Printing a Lunar Base

November 6th  2014


Top 50 Awesome 3D Printed Products

September 15th 2014


Print Your – 3D Printer & 3D Printing News

September 5 2014


(Italian Page) Make in Italy/3 Enrico Dini e il sogno di colonizzare la Luna stampando case in 3D

August 16th 2014


Engineer Vs Designer-E70: D-Shape 3D Printers

April 2014


AP interview with Enrico Dini about 3d printing ocean reefs for maritime environment restoration

April 3rd 2014


Enrico Dini: “I’m the man who prints houses for fish”

October 3rd 2013


The Story of Enrico Dini – The Man Who Prints Houses

July 9th 2013


Engineer Vs Designer: E70 – Enrico Dini of D-Shape 3D Printers

May 29th 2013


Large Scale 3D Printing: Enrico Dini at TEDxBocconiU

May 22nd 2013



Building with moon dust

April 18th 2013


Building a lunar base with 3D printing

January 31st 2013


Architect plans 3D-printed buildings

January 21st 2013


Airbus Explores Building Planes with Giant 3D Printers

November 11 2012


Discovery Channel Covers DShape 3D Printing

September 25th 2012


Brave new world

May 11 2012


The Man Who Prints Houses Trailer

April 2012


British company uses 3D printing to make stone buildings out of sand

February 21st 2012


Open source project to develop geopolymer cast stone construction

December 7 2011 geopolymerhouses


(Italian Page) La casa tutta di un pezzo

November 22nd 2010


3D printing buildings: interview with Enrico Dini of D_Shape

April 22nd 2009








3D Printshow Global 3D Printing Events


3D Printing Architecture. Enrico Dini Wants You To Print Your New House


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