GCIH already breaks it down. Pingback: Better GIAC Testing with Pancakes | Hacks4Pancakes' tisiphone.net. The GCFA is a tough exam and one I’ve very proud to have passed. SEC504 was my second class (behind CISSP prep) and it was an excellent class. A few months after my GCFA exam I got an opportunity to attend a SANS SEC 504 class. Practice assessments are really nice to grasp this philosophy. 2. Third thing is : have the SANS cheatsheets ! 5 0 obj I am a CISSP, still valid, but left the technical field a few years back. This video will outline many of the features and benefits of SANS OnDemand, our battle-tested online platform that offers 4 months of anytime, anywhere access. Assuming you took the class in person and have the courseware then I'd say the index included in the last book is good enough. I recommend doing a self assessment on each concept. All that said I usually get at least one message a week from someone telling me that my example and explanation really helped them with theirs and that is exactly what I was going for. At first I thought that was weird but when you look at the sheer volume of information covered in the course it makes sense. SANS classes are great. I followed up with a question on how he formatted his indexes and he offered to have his wife bring one of his when she came into town the next day. The right length is the one with which you feel comfortable. SEC 504 is a very popular SANS … Congrats on the pass!!! The steps below detail how to build an index that will help you pass your SANS GIAC exam. SANS Cheat sheets. Our SANS SEC504 exam material is good to pass the exam within a week. type stuff) tacked onto the end in a “misc.” section. When I’m going through books I think of of a guy I know who is kinda tech savvy but not an infosec guy at all. When I asked Neal how long he thought an index should be he replied “fifty pages” without blinking. x��ZmS�H�N�a>�[g��hF��u@`� I��m��r��|1��E[����ћmIl��,�5u��Ow���t����)?�J"���~:�e,"C�b!c?5Z������;�J}�A,vw/ww�N����Cqy�w�? I’m happy to say that over the weekend I passed (thank you, thank you) and wanted to share my strategy on studying for GIAC certification exams.. Don’t put off studying. Overall I'm not a huge fan of the SANS style brain dump/fire hose approach but if you are going to do it then indexing the text is a great way to reinforce the material. Just took and passed the test yesterday. Please let me know! I’ve passed every single GIAC cert I’ve taken. The index REALLY helped a ton and if I second guessed a question I was able to quickly find the material/detail I needed to find the right answer. 2 weeks a cert. Seems like it would go both places, but would be a bit redundant. SEC 504 is a very popular SANS … Still doable, but with 3 or 4 times the amount of work required with the SANS books. I don't think it comprehensive enough or a reason not to make an index yourself. Every index I’ve created for a SANS/GIAC exam has had a “tool” section and it has always been worthwhile. Step 6: Take practice exams (see below). Required fields are marked *. I’ll be taking the GCIH soon and need to prepare an index. Hi, Thanks for the tips. Not at all. Inceident Handling (Definition) Incident Handling Action Plan Initial 1 Initial 2 BK JU 1 1 RA Intellectual 560 is very different from 504. A few months ago I finally decided to go for my GCFA certification. Putting together a comprehensive index proved to be an incredible time investment but as I was going book by book putting it together I was also learning. The exam is tough, but if you study everything in the books, you'll be prepared for the exam. Final thoughts : that exam would have been a total nightmare without the FOR508 training materials. Passed through GCFE at 90% with training books from 2014. I take that test just like I would the real one and usually add a decent amount to my index after that. 3 0 obj Are there tool-specific questions on the exam? I´ll take a GCIH course just have a question, maybe a fool question in the columns you have one in each pictures called “Bk” what it means “Bk”. )B��F� �O����� �|溜s Computer security is a field where things change daily. That’s a really tough test and you should be proud. Pingback: Passed GSEC 401, have an extra practice exam if anyone wants it. To stay on top you must have a strong foundation in the essentials of security. Index - Tools By Keyword (SANS 504-B) DNS Transfer | nslookup set type=any ls-d...( 2 / 25 ) Dnscat | ports over DNS...( 3 / 7 ) DNSCat2 | Covert Ch trans via DNS...( 5 / 136 ) The difference between having no index and 4 year old books to having current materials and a large index was night and day so I’m sure you’ll nail it. Password Cracking: protect from unauthorized disclosure, modification, removal Page 5-52 a. �O�;��NW���o����H{c>��w�q��͗�����_{ Y���H�w|�_��~�����hzo/����!��8�W\���sL���>�W$b�*����>P��Z��PHV�i=���ď�}~�%����;�42�|�{��b��%�w���1���G���ץ��Ȋ]��a����k������9��3��q��ӏ��3iB��I�g��B���!|�'�d"(t�_/B��0� J$�H�q��Q��gB�h��R^��b�Br�@��J�,$��. The CISSP is definitely a different beast than a GIAC exam. Index - Terms By Keyword (SANS 504-B) Attack Phase | 3 Phases of an Attack [ 1 / 20 ] Command Shell .vs Terminal | Ctrl Charactors are not handled correctly -- Cause Shell Collapse [ 3 / 150 ] Command Shell .vs Terminal Access | General Overview [ 3 / 149 ] Enum Accounts | Enum Syntax [ 2 / 159 ] Enum Accounts | Enum tool - Usage [ 2 / 166 ] If available, get a keyword index, or create one with details as a study tool. A few months after my GCFA exam I got an opportunity to attend a SANS SEC 504 class. You need to understand the material and concepts. View Test Prep - GCIH-Index.xlsx from SEC 504 at SANS Technology Institute. ( 5 / 69 The windows commands and Linux commands are also self-explanatory. NOTE: I am unable to provide copies of this index so please do not ask. For the first course, I relied more on SANS index and barely made any edits. A large index can be time consuming but is an awfully nice security blanket come test day Do you know what course you’ll be taking next? I started building my own index but my job keeps me very busy and my GCIH exam date is coming very soon. Can you provide any advice on studying for the CISSP? Your blog helped me a lot. But if you have your first SANS/GIAC exam coming up and feel like you could use a little extra help, I would seriously consider taking the time to make a comprehensive index. Made an index you can quickly reference (if it’s over 8 pages you had better have bound and tabbed the index, too!) In such cases forget you are a technical person, just think framework-process-theory. 3. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently took SANS SEC 504 and have since been studying for the accompanying GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) certification. If the answer is no then I need to get myself to the point where I could before I move on. It was way over my head but I had a great time and learned a ton. The next day he showed me a copy of his GSEC index and I was impressed. The tools section is self-explanatory. He said that whatever course/book you’re going to use to study (I used the SANS 414 and Eric Conrad’s book) go through that then instead of spending time studying other resources start doing as many practice exams as you can. Matt, Thanks for the review and suggestive comments on preparing an index for GIAC certifications, preparing to take SEC505 in the upcoming week with a prepared index of around 40 pages. I am a infosec professional, instructor, writer, sans mentor. You will often have questions where the correct answer appears as the dumbest/too-simple-to-be-correct one. Hopefully with this advice, I can boost my scores on future exams. Thanks for you tips Matt. I am finishing up SANS 504 On Demand and am prepairing to take the GCIH. Will post back with any input I can following the challenge. You need to get familiar with the books by reading them, then create a basic index, oh and good luck. Thanks After reading through, I create my index (SANS now provides pre-built indexes for some classes apparently, I ignore those). Can't wait to get the books and study hard ... How to Guide for making a SANS / GIAC Index with Pictures | Digital Forensics Tips My class had a teaching assistant (also SANS mentor) named Neal Bridges who gave me some slightly different advice. It should also be noted that when I took SANS 504, the instructor actually gives links to unvetted SANS 504 indexes by previous students. Create a spreadsheet with tabs labeled for each book in the course. Index - Terms By Keyword (SANS 504-B) /dev/kmem | Kernel-Mode Rootkit Linux map of Kernel Memory. SANS now gives students the exam index at the back of book #5. The process of going through the text to index it really helped implant the knowledge in my brain. In the end I was very familiar with what is where in which book. Thanks in advance, Remember that your index can include anything. <> Pingback: Has anyone taken GMON exam yet? The steps below detail how to build an index that will help you pass your SANS GIAC exam. Thanks buddy I had to move the test to July but this gives me some time to tune my indexes. 1 0 obj I have taken the course and got the cert. Password Representations are stored hashed or encrypted passwords.Windows = SAM Linux = /etc/shadow 2. At this point between working full time and trying to get a cert a month I don’t have much time for original research so the biggest way I can contribute is trying to help others pick the course that’s best for them and properly prepare for those tests. If you need a 50 page index for a course like this then you’re doing something wrong, like maybe not reading the books before hand. I really wanted to prepare for my GCIH exam the right way so while I was at the conference I asked several individuals how they prepared their index. I have a technically savvy friend who isn’t into infosec. Your email address will not be published. In short, 560 covers penetration testing and ethical hacking, while 504 addresses incident handling. At that point you should feel good. The Content didn’t span more than 5 pages worth of info, otherwise it would be too general. SANS SEC504 (GCIH) was the perfect sequel to the SANS SEC401 (GSEC) course I took over a year ago. I’m glad you found it helpful . Did you print out every page yourself, provide the tabbed dividers, and bring all of the loose sheets to Kinko’s just for binding? SEC504 will prepare you to turn the tables on computer attackers. So whether you used my index system or somebody else’s, let’s recap. I had practice tests in the SANS course, practice tests in Conrad’s book, signed up for the cccure practice tests and bought the exam cram practice test book (not their study guide). One of the most important parts of preparing for the CISSP is preparing for the types of questions that they ask and putting yourself into the necessary mindset to pick the “best” answer. You should now have: Read the books. All stuff you would normally be fine without but after taking the GSEC, CISSP and GISP in a two-three month period my brain now fries early in the test process . SANS course I cant afford . endobj Step 5: Edit SANS index at the back of book 5 (see below). Hello, Password Guessing: use a valid ID and try a list of passwords, no brute force, slow Page 6 3. I only took one GIAC exam, and that was the GSEC. I don’t know anybody who’s taken the GMON yet but when you register for an exam you’ll receive two practice exams which in my experience have been by far the best indicators of what type of questions the exam has. Always keep in mind you are required to give the correct/most correct answer, not the smartest-in-your-opinion one. Would you be willing to sell copies (pdf) of indexes you have prepared? I have linked as many as I am aware of below. Any examples I made bold. THC Hydra: Password guessing, dictionary … My recent indexes have been 8-12 pages of indexed book content then some extras (common ports, tool cheat sheets etc). I listed the commands, a brief description and sometimes a command line example. You’ll be glad you did for many reasons. Many of their classes include the so called “Cheat Sheets” which are short documents packed with useful commands and information for a specific topic. Thanks man I appreciate you being honest about how you prepared. I have worked closely with several GSEs, and have established relationships with several sans course authors. You’re last paragraph made me chuckle. How did you handle that sort of thing? But I did know the material fairly well, I spent close to 80-100 hours reading the books and doing the on-demand video classes (+labs). Index. Agree 100%. Create a spreadsheet with tabs labeled for each book in the course. I really appreciate you sharing images – well done with your passing score! The main section consisted of both items and concepts. Aren't The Courses Pretty Much the Same? I went through the course via On Demand from Ed Skoudis and in person from John Strand. Every SANS class I’ve ever taken has 100% rewarded the hours I spent studying and making a detailed index. SEC 504 itself. Gives quick confirmation whenever you have a doubt about a command, tool, plugin… Create your own additionnal cheatsheets if it can help. SEC 505 isn’t on the top of my to-do list but it is on there. Wish i could upvote or like I have 40 days to go for GCFA and have lot of things to do, Do you index using excel directly or use paper pen then turn it into digital ?? I don't think it comprehensive enough or a reason not to make an index yourself. I have just registered for the SEC511 course, which I would like to take also the GMON certification exam for it. endobj Learn more about SANS OnDemand. They wouldn’t look nearly as nice if I tried to bind it myself . Any tool mentioned in a book went in here. SANS Security 504 focuses on incident handling, addressing practical methods for preparing for detecting and responding to computer attacks. This means that they don’t understand the concepts, and look up keywords only to run out of time. One thing you will need though, any "**** Sheets" they provide. With this being my second SANS course and certification, I believe this is the area I improved the most. Also, since a lot of the material was new to me my learning went from exposure to concepts to specifics. Step 5: Edit SANS index at the back of book 5 (see below). Just signed up for SANS SEC504 with a GCIH attempt. Second thing is : have your index (SANS FOR508 books). SANS Security Essentials curriculum consists of courses designed to help you gain the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to succeed as a security professional. I passed both, but wish I had scored higher. 4. Thank you for sharing your tips! I 100% agree about needing to read the books and understand them in conjunction with an index. <> My index had the following columns: Good GSE prep. Thanks! Great points! https://plus.google.com/+ChrisCrowley/posts/fJWFQpEiu7U. I’ve also started sticking a few cheat sheets onto the end of all my indexes. One thing you will need though, any "**** Sheets" they provide. Probably, but I’m so far from being a super genius that I needed all the help I can get. People don’t believe you but honestly the process of creating a good index is as important as having the index. DF400ex Registered Users Posts: 2 April 2012 in GIAC. Day (Book), Module, Content, Page. Anyway, your post helped me a lot, thank you once again. To stay on top you must have a strong foundation in the essentials of security. It will also likely point out a few areas that could use some extra work. SANS Security Essentials curriculum consists of courses designed to help you gain the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to succeed as a security professional. For instance netcat is a tool, but also a command. Make 2 or 3 passes on each book, highlight some stuff etc…. No 3 hole punch needed!!! At some times I ended up answering some questions without checking the Index, I actually knew where the stuff was located. Thank you for the kind words. Same post test process but you probably won’t have a ton to add. Too bad I can’t attach the index here as an example. stream Gcih - sans 504. laughing_man Member Posts: 84 November 2013 in GIAC. I haven’t had a chance to read “Network Forensics: Tracking Hackers through Cyberspace” yet but I’ve heard good things from people who do that style of work daily. Thank you. My created content was broken down into two big sections (main and tools) and two small sections (windows commands and Linux commands). Common ports, a dec-binary-hex conversion chart etc. For example, “503.1”, “503.2 + 503.3”, etc. They won’t hurt to take in but recent course books combined with a detailed index should be more than sufficient.
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