:) 0 Likes. Dating interesting things happened? So if you are the type of person who enjoys helping others and wants a stable, high paying career, becoming a mental health nurse could just be the right career for you. Male nurses may be exposed to homophobia in the workplace, and heterosexual men who are nurses may avoid contact with colleagues who are openly gay or may overtly express their own heterosexuality to prevent being labeled, according to an article in the December 2007 “Journal of Advanced Nursing.” Role Models. Not slowly, the nursing profession began a process of genderization, which, over time, has resulted in few male nurses in today’s healthcare environment. Choosing to pursue a nursing career is a big decision—it’s important to do your homework before diving in. Although the majority of nursing professionals are women, the number of male nurses continues to grow as opportunities in nursing provide a number of employment benefits. There are many benefits of being a male nurse and the primary one is that there are good salaries that are offered. Similarities to nursing staff–whether it be through economic background, similar social interests, and especially gender—often create that comfort in patients. A MALE PERSPECTIVE ON BEING A NURSE 2 purview – caring for the sick (Reverby, 1987). Both male and female nurses bring different perspectives and benefits to the profession of nursing and to the patient’s they care for. We look more on their competencies, skills, and attitude when we screen them,” a private hospital chief nurse shared. 1: Nurses are really smart. These misconceptions are spread by the media, according to The Truth About Nursing, a website that critiques media portrayals of nurses. Pros & Cons of a Nursing Career. Benefits of the Nursing Profession . Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse carefully to ensure you can physically and emotionally handle whatever is thrown at you. I feel like being male is a large advantage. Some of us provide home health care. My very own Focker. Many prisoners have had poor or no health care prior to being incarcerated and appreciate the attention given while "inside." The ongoing global nursing shortage is very dangerous not only for the care of individuals but also for the whole population. Top 20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Being A Nurse “There are certainly things to consider for anyone thinking about being a nurse,” said Host Healthcare recruiter Justin Terlaga. Also, you’ll need to take a lot of science and anatomy classes. I have known lots of nurses who met their spouse at work, whether male be paramedic, police officer, nurse, chaplain, doctor, tech, clerk, etc. Yeah, there's a huge difference. The Top 3 Pros and Cons of Being a Nurse. Yes there are benefits of being male versus female. Following is a list of what I consider to be the top ten advantages of being a nurse, in no particular order: 1. For new nurses, the opportunity to help sick people get well is one major advantage of entering this growing career. We don’t get a job simply because we can lift the heavy patients. My husband and I have talked a lot over the years about whether or not he would go back to school to further his education, but he loves being a nurse and the benefits are awesome. Here is what being male nurse is NOT about: We don’t always get accused of being gay, although it is a very real stereotype that men in nursing face. Although male nurses are common, they often deal with stereotypes and face prejudice while on the job. Men will find stability in the profession and the salaries that are offered to them are above average. Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is a popular career path for those interested in healthcare. Now that you have a nice start on your list of pros and cons of being a nurse, you should be feeling good about whether this career is truly for you. Despite being laid off from an inpatient staff nursing position once in the late 1990’s, I have always had options for employment. Having male nurses ensures that male patients are well cared and represented. Nurses have lots of training and education to get to where they are. Registered nurses represent America's largest health care employee group, with more than 2.7 million working in the field as of 2010. Nurses are the heart of the hospital. anonymurse. “Oh, a male nurse!” one 40-year-old gasped in amazement. There are some practice areas that will allow a nurse to earn more than others. Although there are some challenges, there are also a lot of advantages to being a male nurse. I’m here to tell you those stereotypes are not what’s in store for you. Male nurses have skills and care-giving strengths that can make nursing an excellent career for them. “Yeah, it was a special course I had to take to add the ‘male’ part,” I shot back. Great Pay and Benefits Nursing allows clinicians to earn excellent salaries or hourly rates and they also enjoy many other perks too. There is also a lot of licensing involved in becoming a nurse. Last year I had the opportunity to attend the AWHONN conference and while women had to wait in line to use the bathroom, I did not. The Benefits of Being A Male Nurse - And Why I Love It. 1. Jul 24, 2010. You can confidently say the work you do benefits the world—and that’s something people truly value. My ex husband was a respiratory therapist who I met at work. Most male nurses admit that they have been mistaken for a doctor by a patient at least one time in their career, and, once corrected, the patient assumes he became a nurse because he couldn’t be a doctor instead of choosing to be a nurse. Any body fall in Love when working together? You can be famous in your facility. I have to disagree. He will very likely retire as a murse and for good reason. Most nursing professionals agree that many of the benefits of this profession are the personal rewards and satisfaction that one takes away from the career. Being healthcare providers they deliver care to the sick from all aspects. Myth #3: Male nurses don’t get hired as much as female nurses “In this hospital, there is actually almost an equal number of female and male nurses. Nurses to Registered Nurses, the two male participants perceived themselves as being looked up to and admired by their peers, whereas the female participants did not express similar feelings. Another financial incentive for male nurses is that this is a solid and stable career field that shows no signs of slowing down. 1 year ago. We want to ensure that you can reach all of your travel goals, so we reimburse travel nurses for their state licenses - and provide expert assistance in obtaining them! February 9, 2010, C Kapoor, Comments Off on Benefits Of Being a nurse. The nursing professional is an expanding one and it renders a host of job opportunities to millions of male nursing aspirants. So government should generate jobs for males to overcome this shortage at a national level. Even during the recession, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an increase in health care jobs. Nursing Dress Code | Student Nurse Dress | Bsc Nursing Students Uniform | Male Nurses Uniform |Dress . And the prejudice that still hovers in the ether about male nurses being somehow goofy — "A bunch of Gaylord Fockers!" Men on the Rise. In more recent history, male battlefield nurses in the American Civil War outnumbered female ones. Among the thousand types of professions all over the world there are very few which offer you a chance to help others who are in need. Another reason that male nurses are desperately needed is because of patient comfort. With limited opportunities for women, and a need for nurses to care for the sick and injured, women entered nursing. Others work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, or extended care facilities. Most patients are so appreciative. We outline the top 10 benefits of dating a male nurse or female nurse. Consider your future. Job Security. Yep, a male nurse. Salaries for male nurses are highly competitive. Even in the female-dominated field of nursing, male nurses typically out-earn female nurses, as is the case across almost all occupations. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Even though men are the minority in the nursing profession, they still viewed themselves as leaders and being highly respected by their peers (Henle, 2007). 2. It takes years of school to become a nurse. Tag: benefits of being a male nurse. Male patients will be glad: More often, patients will not be at their best while seeing nurses. Once you obtain your RN certification, a nursing career is a safe, reliable, and secure means of making a living.While working as an RN isn’t for everyone, these are the top 10 benefits of … Men In Nursing. Nursing Dress Code|Trainee Nurse Dress|Bsc Nursing Students Uniform|Male Nurses Uniform|Dress #Uniform #Nursingdress #Dresscode #Nursing consistent #Uniform #Male nurses … Being nurses, we may choose to work in a great variety of settings. It's in the way our families treat us. Male nurse respondents indicated they were influenced by the misperception that the profession is not “appropriate” for men. November 25, 2020 November 3, 2020 - Leave a Comment. As part of your travel benefits package, American Traveler provides reimbursement of your state licensure for travel nurse … The profession of a being a nurse offers you this advantage of lending a helping hand to the poor and the sick. The ability of men to negotiate and obtain higher salaries and positions in both administration and nursing specialty areas may serve as the impetus to elevate the entire nursing profession. Well, being a male nurse is no different. Still, correctional nurses need to be ever alert to guard their personal safety. Gender isn’t really a factor when we hire nurses. We may focus on disease prevention and health care promotion, or rehabilitation. Jokes aside though, being a male nurse is pretty awesome. We are fortunate to have so many career options. In general I think male nurses have some distinct disadvantages, and some more intangible vague benefits. On the other hand, studies on the effect of nurse gender on nurse and patient perceptions of nurse care by two-factor ANOVA have shown that no significant differences in actual caring exists based on nurse gender from either from the nurse or the patient perspective although male nurses exhibit lower caring behaviours (Ekstrom, 1999). Photo credit: Steven Zwerink. Benefits Of Being a nurse. We work with people of all ages. Although, like with most jobs, there are some drawbacks to being a psychiatric nurse, most people employed in this field feel that the benefits far outweighs the downside. In addition to earning, you will get the credit of re-establishing the profession among males after a long gap. A key part of the health industry is making the patient feel comfortable while describing their symptoms and receiving care. Benefits Of Being a nurse. Our tasks vary greatly as well. In addition, incarceration is a … Sometimes patients prefer a nurse of a certain sex, particularly for procedures like inserting a catheter, serving a bedpan, or administering EKG. Being a man in nursing, you will be carrying a rich history that could go back to the ancient time that is often forgotten.
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