Extract some nectar, then continue across the next mine track bridge. Return to Great Clock, Sector One after you've completed Great Clock, Sector Three. Accelerate off the ramp, but stop before you hit the jump pad. Off To The RacesRescue Skidd and his agent on Aridia. Eventually, you'll come to a Hoverboot bolt crank Grab it and launch yourself off the, kick off the 6 kick pads and then you'll be launched in to the air. You can do the time anomaly challenge on Planet Fastoon. Gold Bolt 28: From your ship, go across the first mine track bridge, continue forward and go across the second mine track bridge. Start recording on the red pad once more. Between the landing pad and the lone building on the other side of the moon, there is a small crater with four arrows pointing towards the middle. Once they're dead, jump across the platforms to encounter more enemies on the other side. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. Use the jump pad to reach some floating platforms. Pressing all three pads will open a nearby door with the gold bolt. Start recording on the blue pad. Pool Sharks Are The WorstGet eaten by a Pool Shark in the Pokitaru Ocean. Swing the Chronoscepter at the last broken object to reveal a platform. There's also a Gold Bolt to collect here. The locations of the Gold Weapon Rooms are specified in … Mr. FancypantsUpgrade Ratchet's health to maximum level. Gold Bolt 36: After you exit your ship, equip your Hoverboots and accelerate off the 5 ramps you'll encounter along the path. 🙂 Huge thanks to GamerForEternity & SplitPlaythru for the guide videos and tips. Walk along the left side of the chamber on the platform, and then jump off the corner of the platform and boost up to the higher middle platform. ". Go to your right along the walkway to find the Gold Bolt. ChallengingComplete the game in Challenge Mode. Keep foing forwards until you reach the stream, then look to your right to see some tentacles. Gold Bolt 12: When you are rescuing the second child mentioned in the guide (or when you're simply in that area, it's marked by a blue area on the west side of your map with a little green bit sticking out), you'll find a higher grassy platform with a big crate on it. Once you complete the game, a door will open. Step on the button you stood on during the first recording, and once the yellow Clank leaves his chamber, follow him up to the platform the green Clank is on. A Change Of HeartDefeat Captain Qwark on the Deplanetiser. The gold bolt is on the platform amongst the numerous enemies. Go through the door to find the Gold Bolt. Grab on and jump off the ramp, and kick off all 4 kick pads. Keep going forwards until you can go a bit to your left and turn around to see the start of the hill. Once it opens, step inside, stand on the button and stop recording. Turn right at the big platform and equip your Hoverboots. Stand on the left button until the timer reaches 50 seconds, and then stand on the right button until the timer reaches 40 seconds. Re-trace your steps and let the green Clank in to his chamber. There are 28 Gold Bolts in Ratchet & Clank (2016 PS4 Remake). For acquiring all 28 of them you will be given the Ultimate Explorer trophy. Turn around and go up to the chamber. You'll see some rocky stairs near another Zoni statue on this platform. Ferocious OxideDefeat Victor in the Phoenix. Take the right path, go off the 2 ramps and land on the platform with the Gold Bolt. Jump up to this platform and then run al the way to the end of the passageway to find the Gold Bolt. You'll automatically be launched off a jump pad, and you'll land on a big platform. I Hate LampBreak every lamp in Aleero City. There's a higher ledge on which the Gold Bolt sits, so double jump when close to the Gold Bolt to get it. Return to Great Clock, Sector Two after you've completed Great Clock, Sector Three. There are 28 gold bolts to find in the PS4 remake of Ratchet and Clank, and once you get them all you'll earn yourself the Ultimate Explorer trophy and a bunch of menu options. Gold Bolt 11: Return to Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos, after you have acquired the Hoverboots. To get back to your ship, simply save the game and then load the game  save again. Kill the 3 droids and the 3 Agorians on this platform, and then extract some oil. Once you land, slow down and go up to the jump pad at the end of the walkway. Clank CrusherCrush 5 gadgebots in the crusher on Quartu. WHAT ARE THE GOLD BOLTS FOR ? Go off the next ramp and then just head straight to end up back at your ship. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question. Go along the right path, and make your way to the vehicle that transports you to the circular space station. Once you reach the statue, turn right, equip your Hoverboots, accelerate and jump over the body of water to the platform on the other side. Back to Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time Guide Index. There are forty gold bolts hidden in each of the locations. New 🏆 Merch - https://tinyurl.com/PS4Trophies. There are 40 of these bolts in the game, and as you collect them you unlock costumes that Ratchet can wear. There are groups of 3 floating platforms rotating around the planet. This is going to be a long and difficult puzzle, so good luck! Use the Hydroplant to jump up to the top of the waterfall and grab the Gold Bolt. Character AssassinationDestroy all of the planet models in Drek's office. Many of the bolts require you to have gadgets not yet available to you when you first visit a planet. SafecrackerComplete every Trespasser puzzle without using AutoHack. Veldin is the only exception, as at first, you can only access a small portion of Kyzil Plateau, with the rest being available only at the very end of the game.
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