The vision

the vision

In 2004, the italian engineer Enrico Dini, was looking at a Z-Corp 3D printer at work. The printer was depositing layers of powder on top of each other spreading a binder selectively by an inkjet printhead, according to the graphic file provided by a computer.



When a small object was unveiled out of the powder bed, suddenly, Enrico understood the endless potential of this manufacturing process applied at architectural scale. By swapping the powder with sand and the scaling up the process, he turned a printer for office environment good to print small three-dimensional objects into a ‘building equipment’ to print very special big objects: the houses.


Enrico imagined a urban landscape made of organic houses with impossible shapes evolving  harmonically one to the next one to create a Stone-Synphony.  Fibonacci series, Phi golden ratio 1.618, fractals, branching mathematics : any shape , any math could be materialised by a process he nsmed D-Shape.

Also the natural shapes of the stones could be easily replicated to create a low visual impact architecture camouflaged into the enviromanent. A new form of Natural Architecture he synthetically named                 ARCHINATURE.

A Dream of Beauty

Living in a beautiful place is good for the Soul, It induces positive feelings and energies; It encourages self-improvement.
Beauty should not be an optional luxury. It is the essence of life.  D-Shape makes beauty affordable.

The Radiolaria Pavillon by Shiro Studio – London First 3D Printed building structure ever

2008 Buti ( Pisa) – Italy