When D-Shape

D-Shape is now 

The company is now open to share the project with prominent financial and industrial investors to empower the project and bring D-Shape to pursue the mission that Inventor state a decade ago.

D-Shape a Promise

Despite the numerous rekord and achievements, D-Shape is still a Promise of a product and of a business.

Some other much simpler additive manufacturing technologies based on 3D Plotting mortar extrusion systems ( unproperly called 3D Printing ) like Contour Crafting, Winsun , Wasp  will probably take place faster being easier to build and to run.

But, we truly believe that the D-Shape Process remains the winning system being the only one capable to print any shape without constraints.

Developing reliable and highly productive cost-effective machines, developing and certifying  the 3D printed materials , designing fully engineered free form buildings, simplifying and industrializing the product/process/material will requires time, a strong management team and adequate investments.

thanks to the patient determination of the Founder who managed the limited resources to fight the skepticism and win the challenge that Printing in 3D beautiful Buildings is possible ,most of the pieces of the big puzzle of this technology rougly depicted in the previous pages is now in place.