3D Printed Artificial Reefs

The degradation of marine habitats is a big concern for marine bio-diversity. D-Shape have addressed this issue through developing a 3D printed unit, in an attempt to offer a more sustainable solution to the repair and development also reef coastlines.

Developed in collaboration with computational design teams, the endeavour extends to maritime construction projects, where coastal defences or leisure facilities would drastically benefit from an ecologically suitable material. The coral project has undergone successful testing and consultation from specialist environmental groups.

For marine projects, the use of concrete is ubiquitous, offering the most durable resistance to tidal and corrosive forces. This however offers little ecological benefit, in contrast, D-Shape coral is produced from chemistry which actively supports marine-life. Sedimentary rocks originally formed from sea deposits are introduced as source material, chemically bound with a patented ecological binder.

Designers: Enrico Dini, James Gardiner | Reef Arabia, Bahrain 2012