D-Shape is the pioneer of Artificial 3D-Printed Reefs. The first prototipes were realized in 2010.

Our expertise on 3D printing, offers the possibility to embed aesthetic and technical features into the Artificial reef modules and thus to increase the functionality of the artificial shore and the level of the competitiveness versus tetrapods and other breakwater units. The aim is to develop multifunctional coastal regeneration. In addition to preserving site-specific habitat and contributing to carbon reduction, the 3D printed units may also be used for the creation of steeper submerged slopes or as a cladding to vertical walls. The units may also prove suitable as mattress for scour protection to be used on top of sand or soft silts, which is currently difficult in maritime design. Through this system approach to coastal protection the design should benefit local natural habitats as much as people, creating a liveable environment for the coexistence of both.

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