3D Printing Technology

D-Shape is pioneering a new era of architecture through digital construction. Our groundbreaking 3D printing system materialises buildings directly from digital models using a novel layering process.

The technology works by depositing alternating layers of granular matter like sand or aggregate, and specially formulated binding “ink” that fuses the grains together. This enables printing of solid structures from the ground up, wall by wall, layer by layer.

While traditional 3D printers use tiny inkjet-style binder jets, D-Shape’s nozzles dispense small-volume drops that rapidly bind large areas. Two robotic gantries work in sync – one precisely spreading each fresh layer of granular matter, the other following behind to print the binder patterns.

This patented approach allows printing of entire building structures in one seamless process. Complex shapes with fine details are no problem for D-Shape, thanks to the digital precision and design freedom. The printing progression is also self-supporting, removing need for any temporary formwork.

D-Shape is multi-material, compatible with a wide variety of aggregates, fibres and customisable binder chemistries. Each component can be optimised for factors like strength, aesthetics, or sustainability. Expert operators monitor the automated construction process for quality assurance.

By pioneering the world’s first large-scale 3D construction printer, D-Shape makes virtually any digitally designed structure buildable. Let’s discuss how this groundbreaking technology can unlock new potential in your architectural visions. The future of construction starts now.

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