In 2010, a ground-breaking project was initiated by Triennale Milano who entrusted Dinitech with the task of 3D printing the world’s first “one-shot” house.

The design of this pioneering project was intentionally kept minimalist, embodying the essence of a home – four walls and a roof. Constructed in one continuous process using our advanced 3D printer, the house measures 2.40 meters by 4 meters.

The interior design was efficiently planned to include all the essentials of a home – a bathroom, a kitchen space, and a bedroom. The construction process, which highlighted the power of 3D printing in architecture, was completed in an impressive span of three weeks.

The house was initially displayed at the Triennale di Milano, showcasing the potential of 3D printing in revolutionizing the construction industry. Today, the house stands proudly on a hill, part of architect Ferreri’s property, serving as a testament to the possibilities of 3D printing in the world of architecture.