Enrico Dini – Pioneering 3D Construction Printing

Inventor Enrico Dini is revolutionising architecture through his groundbreaking D-Shape 3D construction printing technology. Innovation runs in his bloodline – descendant of eminent Italian mathematician Ulisse Dini and son of famed Piaggio engineer Egisto Dini.

After years developing industrial automation, Enrico had a vision in 2004 to scale up 3D printing for architectural construction. He filed the first D-Shape patents in 2005 and founded industry-pioneering Monolite UK in 2006.

The following year, Enrico printed the iconic Radiolaria Pavilion – the world’s first 3D printed architectural structure. This marked a new era in construction technology.

Enrico went on to showcase D-Shape’s immense potential through visually stunning projects. He 3D printed artificial reefs, lunar base segments, pedestrian bridges, architectural facades and more.

For his pioneering work, Enrico received the Industry Icon award at the 2014 3D Printshow in London. In 2018, the RILEM honoured him with the Pioneering Achievement Award in Zurich. Enrico has also been awarded the Design for Asia Award and Hong Kong Global Design Award for his innovations.

Today, Enrico continues breaking new ground across sectors – from maritime restoration to space exploration. He collaborates with top architectural firms like Zaha Hadid and research institutes such as ESA and Scuola Superiore S. Anna.

Guided by his vision of the future, Enrico Dini transformed 3D printing from a novel concept into a revolutionary construction process. His innovations at D-Shape are shaping the architecture of tomorrow.