The Radiolaria Pavilion

Experience the fusion of ancient architectural principles and modern technology at Radiolaria, a unique urban temple project commissioned by the city hall of Pontedera, Pisa. This groundbreaking concept, brought to life by Andrea Morgante of Shiro Studio in London, celebrates the beauty of organic, open-cell architecture through the precision of 3D printed masonry blocks.

Radiolaria stands out as an architectural prototype, characterized by its fluid form built from meticulously stacked, custom 3D printed blocks. The design draws its inspiration from the elegance of ribbed stone vaulting, where slender components rise and span across walls to form a stable, complete dome.

Radiolaria isn’t just an architectural marvel, it’s a vibrant social hub. The design encapsulates an open public space, fostering community interaction and engagement. This innovative approach brings a fresh, social interpretation to temple architecture, transforming the traditional concept into a dynamic, communal space.

For more information about Radiolaria, don’t hesitate to contact us. Experience firsthand where cutting-edge technology intersects with timeless architectural elegance.


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