Underwater MoMA

Welcome to our innovative project: Underwater MoMA – a revolutionary eco-park nestled in the tranquil waters of Porto Santo Stefano, Italy. This groundbreaking underwater museum is set at a depth of 10 to 15 meters, entirely crafted through the magic of 3D printing.

Occupying an elliptical layout, Underwater MoMA is surrounded by an array of emergent reefs, setting the boundaries of this unique underwater sanctuary. The project proudly showcases ten intricately designed sculptures, each a masterpiece brought to life by various artists.

However, these sculptures serve a dual purpose – they are not just for visual appeal. Carefully designed, these structures also contribute to the marine ecosystem, aiding the local fauna and flora. They play a pivotal role in supporting fish restocking, providing a safe haven for marine life to thrive and flourish.

Join us at Underwater MoMA, where art and marine conservation meet in perfect harmony.